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hpgs 0.45 released!

see CHANGELOG for details.

hpgs 0.02 is obsolete and should not be used! If you are using hpgs 0.02, please, update to 0.45. IMPORTANT: Read the README file before update from 0.02 to 0.45.


When I started using linux, I had a problem with my printer: the linux couldn't print using economic mode. I tryed to ask in discussion list and nothing. HOWTOs, and nothing. Then, I made my own printer driver: the hpgs.

This is not a driver. This is a front-end program that intercepts the GhostScript input, runs the GhostScript and translate the GhostScript output.

Now, I'm searching for helpers. I need someone to write the documentation and some beta-testers.


If you want to test the hpgs "driver" or you want to use it, first read the README.

It's available only the source code, but it's very easy to compile. You'll need only the glibc (devel), a C compiler (gcc or egcs) and the GNU make utility (gmake or make).

This software is under GNU General Public License and you can use, change and distribute freely (see the COPYING file).


See the README file.

I'm trying to make a more helpful documentation, but I'm busy with other jobs now and I'm needing someone to write it.

Supported printers

I've tested hpgs on several HP 6xx Series printers, specialy on HP Deskjet 680C and HP Deskjet 692C. If you use hpgs with other printer or model, please, send me an e-mail and tell me what is your printer.

Supported distributions

I made hpgs using Conectiva Linux, but I think it works on every RedHat-like distribution. If your distribution uses GhostScript to format printing, you can use hpgs too, but you'll need to verify the directories in Makefile (install section).

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